Exhaust gas temperature sensor for exhaust hose


Exhaust gas heat detector sensor for exhaust hose

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For example, the inlet of raw water may be blocked due to a blockage in the bottom strainer or a broken impeller. The temperature in the exhaust hose rises much faster than the temperature of the machine. By the time the machine alarms about high temperatures, it may already be too late. We therefore recommend a Vetus exhaust gas temperature alarm for all exhaust hose systems, which will sound if the temperature reaches the permissible limit (approx. 72°C). The alarm warns both with sound and light. The XHSH sensor is installed in the exhaust hose. Alarm and sensor to be ordered separately. For double engine installations, two sensors can be connected to one alarm
  • Details
  • - Diameter of alarm mounting hole Ø52 mm, total diameter 62 mm
  • - Mounting depth 40 mm
  • - Voltage 12 and 24 V
  • - Sensor for XHSH exhaust hose

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