VDO Septic tank gauge Ø52mm


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Veratron Marine (VDO Marine) Septic Tank Gauge

ViewLine 52 mm liquid level gauge with anti-fog plastic double lens for maximum accuracy and stylish design with nine different frames. One LED warning is integrated as standard.

Product Info

Septic Tank Level Meter; Viewline septic tank meter provides information on the level of wastewater in the tank and can be used with all types of tanks and capacitive 4-20 mA sensors

Diameter [mm]: 52 mm
Mounting depth [mm]: 50 mm
Operating voltage [V]: 832 V
Color of main ring/number plate: black
Meter: with analogue display
Sensor model: capacitive sensor

General information
Output signal: Standard 4-20 mA
8-pin Tyco/Hirschmann connector
+/-2.5 degree accuracy over the entire measurement range
Operating voltage 8 ?

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