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Exhaust gas heat alarm 12 V blackShopExhaust gas heat alarm 12 V black

Exhaust gas heat alarm 12 V black


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Exhaust gas temperature alarm for water-cooled exhaust systems No compromise on safety! The raw water supply can be blocked, for example, by a blocked bottom strainer or a broken impeller. The temperature in the exhaust hose rises much faster than the temperature of the machine. By the time the machine alerts you to a high temperature, it may be too late. We therefore recommend a Vetus exhaust gas temperature alarm for all exhaust hose systems, which will sound if the temperature reaches the permissible limit (approx. 72°C). The alarm warns both with sound and light. Note! The sensor must be purchased separately. Two models of sensor are available; model XHSH for installation in the exhaust hose and model XHSM for installation in the silencer. Specifications - Diameter of alarm mounting hole Ø52 mm, total diameter 62 mm - Mounting depth 40 mm - Voltage 12 V - Sensor XHSM for VETUS water traps with ready-to-install sensor slot - Sensor XHSH for exhaust hose.