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VDO pipe sensor 300 mm fuelShopVDO pipe sensor 300 mm fuel

VDO pipe sensor 300 mm fuel


VDO pipe sensor

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VDO fuel gauge tube sensor

VDO pipe sensor L= 300 mm

The pipe sensor is ideal for use in fuel tanks. It has a floating sensor inside a 38 mm diameter vertical tube that measures the liquid level. Small holes at the top and bottom of the tube act as a spacer for fuel splashing in the fuel tank, so the floating position remains stable in all sea conditions.

Sensor length selection: ensure that the selected length is at least 4 mm from the bottom of the fuel tank when installed.

TE Superseal connector IP67
Flange: PA66 GF30
P66: P66: P66 PSE: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: P66: Steel wire harness, length 200 mm
Mounting diameter: 54 mm
IP67 protection class


Diameter: 38 mm 

Mounting diameter: 54 mm 

Mounting depth: 300 mm 

No-load resistance: 90 Ohm 

Resistance loaded: 4 Ohm 

Sensor model: Pipe sensor