X-GRID XGS4USB solar cell kit


Solar charger for boat, camping, hiking, etc.

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The NOCO X GRID USB solar cell series is a highly compact, rugged and expandable mobile power supply. It efficiently converts solar energy into charging power wherever you go.

The XGS4USB solar power bank is a convenient way to charge your mobile phone, tablet, camera and other mobile devices while travelling, camping, boating, etc. Easily store power from solar energy during the day, which you can later use to charge any of your micro-usb devices.

The ultra-compact and lightweight design makes it convenient to slip into your bag or the bottom of your pocket making it the perfect tool for hiking, hunting and camping.

- 4 watt portable solar charger for charging mobile device batteries

- compact and durable design makes it easy to handle

- water, dust and shock resistant construction

Package includes:

- foldable solar panel

- charging cable

- transformer

- XGB3 power bank

Dimensions: 376 x 160 mm

Weight : 0.50 kg


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