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Folding trowel 13x9RH2 for Ø25 mm shaftShopFolding trowel 13x9RH2 for Ø25 mm shaft

Folding trowel 13x9RH2 for Ø25 mm shaft

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Efficient and top quality folding pole propeller for sailing boats

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2 blade 13x9 folding propeller for sailboat for Ø 25 mm propeller shaft. Right-handed rotation.

The highly finished and high quality Flexofold folding propellers guarantee an enjoyable and carefree sailing season year after year.
The top-of-the-range Flexofold propellers are the absolute choice for a sailboat propeller.

Flexofold propellers feature a double row of teeth on the blades for a highly reliable and durable design, and a reliable mechanism for attaching the blades to the propeller shaft.

When sailing, the propeller blades "close" under the force of the water current, but open quickly and efficiently when the engine is running. Thanks to the advanced design of the blades, the Flexofold propeller reacts quickly, for example when changing quickly from forward to reverse in a harbour area.

When the engine is running, the propeller blades open gently and smoothly into the running position against the damping grooves in the hub.

When propelling, the Flexofold folding propeller blades "close" quickly under the force of the water flow and the resistance to water flow when the blades are closed is very low. This means you get the most out of your sailing experience and your boat will run more smoothly even in light winds. This makes sailing even more enjoyable.

Number of blades 2
Propeller diameter 13"
Pitch (in inches) 9"
Hub Ø 25 mm 1:10 ISO 4566
Direction of rotation (handedness) Right-handed