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Pressure water pump 24 V expansion tank 8 l


Vetus pressurised water system

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Painevesijärjestelmä 8 litraa, HF, tasainen vesipaine.
This VETUS pressure water system provides a constant pressure and flow to the boat's pressure water system. Thanks to the pressure tank with rubber membrane, the pump does not start every time the tap is opened, for example, but only when the pressure drops below the set value. This results in a more even pressure and a quieter system.
The rubber membrane is replaceable and available as a spare part.
• Painetankki 8 litraa
• 24 V (2 A)
• Putkiliitäntä Ø 13 mm
• Tuotto 12,5 l/min.
• Maks. paine 2,5 bar (35 psi)
- Maximum suction height 3 m
The equipment includes
- Self-priming pump
- Inlet water filter
- Adjustable pressure switch
- Mounting plate