8 L Pressurized water system 24V


Vetus Pressurized water system

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Pressurized water system type HF 8 litres, ensuring constant water flow. This VETUS pressurized water system provides a constant flow in the vessels fresh water circuit. It is comparable with a piped water system at home. The pressurized tank with a rubber diaphragm inside, prevents the pump motor being started each time a supply of water is required. The diaphragm is suitable for drinking water and can be replaced. This system ensures a constant water flow, saving of energy and minimum noise. - Contents of pressure tank 8 litres - 24 Volt (2,0 A) - Connection for hose Ø 13 mm - Capacity 12,5 l/min. - Max. pressure 2,5 bar (35 psi) - Suction height 3 m Supplied with - Self-priming pump - Inlet water strainer - Pressure switch - Mounting bracket

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