Bow thruster 75 kgf, 12 V, Ø 185 mm

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Vetus Bow thrusters

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Vetus Bow hruster for boats approx. 10,5 - 15 meters. Tunnel diameter Ø 185 mm. The original recreational Vetus boat thruster, developed and refined over 30 years of hard work. Bow thruster advantages: - Minimal noise because of the unique propeller blade design, the spiral gears and the flexible coupling - Optimum flow due to the streamlined tail piece - The synthetic propeller eliminates corrosion and reduces weight - The high quality aluminium control panels are interchangeable with older panels - Easy installation and clear instructions - On-off, port-starboard controls. - Simple and intuitive to operate - Lowest cost, simplest installation, easy retrofit - Battery powered at 12 Volts - Run time: 2-4 minutes continuous or combined in one hour - Motor technology: direct current, series wound with carbon brushes
Engine power 4.4 kW (6 hp), 12 V / 500A DC motor
Engine weight 26 kg
Maximum thrust of bow thruster (N/ Kgf) 800/80 (N / kgf)
Measure A 155 mm
Measure B 435 mm
Measure C 77 mm
Mitta D 370 mm/ 740 mm (min/max)
Mitta E 200 mm
Mitta F 135 mm
Mitta G 185 mm
Fuse size 355 A
Tunnel diameter Ø (mm) 185
Boat length about 10 - 15 metres

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