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Bow Thruster 25 kgf, 12 V, Ø 110 mm BOW25ShopBow Thruster 25 kgf, 12 V, Ø 110 mm BOW25
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Bow Thruster 25 kgf, 12 V, Ø 110 mm BOW25


Vetus Bow thrusters

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Thrusters can take the stress out of docking by giving you sideways control of the movement and position of the bow and the stern of your boat. They work by rotating a propeller (at very high speed and power) in a submerged tube or a housing mounted athwartships (across the boat), and located near the bow and/or the stern. The original recreational boat thruster, developed and refined over 30 years of hard work on boats ranging from 15 to 90 feet. - On-off, port-starboard controls. - Simple and intuitive to operate - Lowest cost, simplest installation, easy retrofit - Battery powered at 12 Volts - Run time: 2-4 minutes continuous orcombined in one hour - Motor technology: direct current,series wound with carbon brushes
Engine power 1.5 kW (2 hp), 12 V / 200 A DC motor
Engine weight 12 kg (without tunnel)
Maximum thrust of bow thruster (N/ Kgf) 250 N/ 25 kgf
Measure A 138 mm
Mitta B 297 mm
Mitta C 73 mm
Mitta D 220/440 mm
Mitta E 149 mm
Mitta F 112 mm
Mitta G 110 mm
Fuse size 125 A
Tunnel diameter Ø (mm) 110
Boat length Suitable for boats between 5.5 and 8.5 metres in length.