Bow thruster 12 V, Ø250 mm BOW125 Vetus

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Free bow thruster for Ø250 mm tunnel, for boats from 13 to 21 metres in length.

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Wheel propeller is an excellent aid for boat handling.
With the help of a wheel propeller, the boat is easy to handle and manage, and you can enter and leave the dock and manoeuvre in narrow places or strong currents smoothly. Suitable for VETUS bow thruster advantages:
- One efficient propeller
- Less interference with water flow
- Unique propeller design provides lower noise levels and equal thrust in each direction
- Quieter and longer lasting gearbox with curved tooth conical gears
- Flexible clutch between motor and gearbox reduces vibration
- Synthetic corrosion-free propeller is lightweight but durable
- Easy installation with clear installation instructions
- Multiple control options from panel to wireless remote control
- All VETUS bow thrusters meet EMC requirements NOTE!
Control panel, cable and mounting tube, fuse box and fuse are not included. Please select additional products separately.

Engine power 5.7 kW (8 hp), 12 V / 300 A DC motor
Maximum thrust of bow thruster (N/ Kgf) 1250 N/ 125 kgf
Measure A 209 mm
Measure B 500 mm
Measure C 108 mm
Mitta D 500/ 1000 mm
Mitta E 200 mm
Mitta F 150 mm
Mitta G 250 mm
Fuse size 500 A
Tunnel diameter Ø (mm) 250
Boat length Suitable for boats between 13 and 21 metres in length

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