27 hp Vetus M3.29 marine engine 2.6:1

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27 hp. @ 3600 rpm.

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An essential part of pleasure boating is a carefree attitude. An important part of this peace of mind is a reliable engine that starts reliably and gets you where you want to go.
Comfort and ease of use are also an important part of recreational boating. It is these aspects that we have paid particular attention to in the VETUS brand engines. Whichever VETUS engine model you choose, it will be a reliable workhorse for years to come.
No single engine works alone. That's why we have a full range of engine mounting accessories and shafting parts from propeller to exhaust system.

M-Line engines are quiet, economical, reliable and have great power and torque. The fuel system is self-draining and the engine has an efficient charger.

Engine compartment heat management
The engine compartment temperature can easily reach 70°C. Naturally, high temperatures are detrimental both to engine performance and to other components in the engine compartment.

The water-cooled, solid cast aluminium condenser cover developed byVETUS, which sits on top of the engine, effectively absorbs engine heat. It reduces engine compartment temperatures by up to 15°C, or up to 20%. The lower temperature improves engine performance.

Air level control
Noise pollution has a direct impact on both boating comfort and the environment. That's why we want boating to be as quiet as possible. A robust condenser cover combined with a new, efficient intake air filter housing reduces noise by around 5 dB(A) at cruising speeds of around 2,200 rpm.

Sound level is usually a subjective experience, but the opinion of those familiar with the new model has been consistent - "The sound level is clearly more pleasing to the ear."

Make of engine Vetus
Engine type/model M3.29
Engine power (kW/ hp) 20 kW/ 27 hp.
Cylinders 3
Transmission gearbox 2.6:1
Charger 12 V/ 75A
Engine capacity cm³ 952 cc
Cooling system Freshwater cooling
Dashboard MPA22BS2
Engine speed (rpm) 3600 rpm

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