11 hp/8.1 kW Lombardini Sail-Drive, LDW502SD

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Sea engine 11 hp @ 3600 erpm Sail-Drive

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Lombardini Kohler marine diesel engine 11 hp @ 3600 rpm.
Sea engine with freshwater cooling, Sail-Drive drive with marine gearbox.

  • 12 V electric start
  • 40 A charger
  • sweet water cooling
  • mechanical TMC40 gearbox, right-hand rotation
  • cable clamps for throttle and gear cable
  • electric stop
  • instrument panel and 10 m cable harness
  • engine rubber pads
  • manual

The requirements for the engine have already been taken into account at the design stage. The motors are light and compact and the general maintenance points are located in such a way that maintenance operations are as easy as possible, even in confined machine spaces.

The engine is supplied complete with marine equipment ready for installation with freshwater cooling, marine gear, instrument panel and wiring harness, including rubber pads to fit the engine.

The engine's running noise has been kept quiet by placing the fuel injection system in the cylinder head. The absence of gears also reduces the running noise.
The upper camshaft is driven by a timing belt designed for heavy-duty use.

The engine lubrication system is provided by a vane pump, which is driven directly by the crankshaft.

FOCS (Fully Overhead Controlling System) engines use Lombardini's patented pump-nozzle unit instead of the traditional system.In this system, the injection pump and nozzle are combined and located on the cylinder head, each cylinder having its own. Separate nozzle tubes/hoses are not required, resulting in absolutely precise spray timing and dosing. All this results in even better performance.

Low exhaust emissions
Lombardini's patented injection system also has the advantage of low exhaust emissions. The FOCS engine series has exhaust emissions below EU regulations.

Low maintenance costs
The parts that need to be checked are located at the top of the engine for easy access. This makes maintenance easy and eliminates the need for expensive tools.

The precise balancing of moving parts, combined with optimum combustion, reduces vibration at all engine speeds.

Environmentally friendly
The engine meets the new EU, BSO and EPA emission limits for recreational craft.

Lombardini is part of the international Kohler Group. Lombardini Marine marine engines are designed and manufactured at the Lombardini - Kohler engine plants.

Make of engine Lombardini
Engine type/model LDW502SD
Engine power (kW/ hp) 8.1 kW/ 11 hp.
Cylinders 2
Transmission gearbox 2.18:1
Charger 12 V/ 120 A
Engine capacity cm³ 505 cc
Cooling system Freshwater cooling
Dashboard De Luxe instrument panel with analogue tachometer + LCD display
Engine speed (rpm) 3600 rpm

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