Anti-splash valve model Vetus FSA


Fuse FSA splash proof valve for fuel

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FSA VETUS splash-proof valves meet the relevant CE and ABYC requirements. The housing and hose connection of this splash relief valve are made of anodised aluminium. The hose used must meet at least the requirements of ISO7840 Marine Fuel A2 and/or SAE J1527 A2. All VETUS fuel hoses meet these requirements.

In addition to the FSA, a deck screw suitable for the fuel is also required. VETUS deck screws made of acid-resistant steel are highly suitable for this purpose.

The Ø 51 mm filler hose and Ø 16 mm drain hose, as well as the hose connectors, must be ordered separately. The VETUS splash-proof valve model is connected directly to the deck screw fitting by means of a rubber ring clamp. The combination of deck screw and splash valve ensures that fuel and splash foam cannot come out through the deck screw to foul the deck and the water system. Excess fuel is discharged into a parallel hose which acts as a tank. As a result, you can decide the volume of the tank yourself. The capacity is determined by the diameter 38 of the parallel hose.

Excess fuel drains back into the fuel tank via a hose that also acts as a drain hose. A diesel anti-smell filter can also be fitted to the outgoing drain hose, but not when petrol is used as fuel. If the anti-smell filter is installed well above the deck screw level, the venturi valve can be installed below the deck screw level.

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