PZ611 Vetus porthole


Vetus PZ611

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Medium duty porthole, type PZ This porthole is suitable for use in the coachroof side. It comes with a 10 mm 'smoke' coloured, unframed opening panel. The clamp type installation ensures that no fasteners are visible from either inside or outside. The porthole can be held open in any position due to the friction type hinges. In the closed position, 2 knobs ensure complete water tightness. As standard a mosquito screen is supplied. The porthole can be fitted in a surface with a minimum thickness of 2 mm and a maximum thickness of 18 mm.
CE class A1
Hatch type Window
Measure A 301 mm
Measure B 164 mm
Measure C 277 mm
Mitta D 140 mm
R radius 54 mm

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