P60K Rivet unit (approx. 30 - 70 hp)


P110S Pythondrive flexible and vibration-free drive unit

Made to order / Backorder, delivery estimate 2-5 days


Python-Drive complete CV drive system for your yacht, boat or cruiser. When using the Python Drive drive unit, precise alignment of the shaft line is not necessary and the engine and the propeller shaft can be installed at different angles to achieve the optimum drive performance. position. The thrust bearing unit has rubber pads that dampen the propeller shaft vibrations reducing the resonance to the boat hull. The Python Drive unit is delivered with complete set with: thrust bearing unit, CV drive shaft and adaptor flange for marine gear box including necesssary bolts and nuts for installation. All parts are also available separately as spare parts. Python-drive CV joints are available on request with a fixed-length to be mounted in a "suitable" position on the boat. Contact our sales for special models or larger models.
Joint suitability e.g. 70 hp/2600 rpm , gear ratio 3:1
Reconciliation website 908
Maximum thrust 5,7 kN
Torque (maximum) 60 kgm/ 588 Nm

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