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Form anode AL 4,3 kgShopForm anode AL 4,3 kg

Form anode AL 4,3 kg


Aluminium anode for boat hull

Made to order / Backorder, delivery estimate 2-5 days

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High-quality domestic aluminium anode for boat hulls for professional and recreational use.

Anode dimensions:

Length: 350 mm

Width:160 mm

Height: 55 mm

Weight:4,3 kg

The new shape of the hull anode provides significant advantages both hydrodynamically and in terms of ice resistance.

Aluminium anodes

-2500 Ah/kg

-3.5 kg/Amp-year

-Indium as accelerator

-Operates in both salt and brackish water

-Material: MIL-DTL-24779B standard

-Aluminium content 94.6%

-Contains also: zinc, indium, iron, silicon, copper, mercury and tin.

Also available on request for large vessels.