MAG2626SL Magnus heavy duty hatch


Vetus MAG2626SL

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Magnus, heavy duty ocean hatch. MAGNUS hatch has a satin sheen anodised frame profile with a 10 mm thick 'dark smoke' coloured acrylic and are designed for ocean use, design category A, Area I. This hatch can be opened from the inside or outside through 180º with almost no obstructions in the opening. Hatch has a ventilation position and can be locked completely watertight. VETUS does not recommend the use of a Magnus hatch as a means of escape on multihulls below or near the waterline. The A1 hatch meetssthe Recreational Craft Directive (RCD2013/53/EU), however we cannot guarantee water tightness for this specific position. Please contact for further information.
CE class A1
Hatch type Hatch
Measure A 312 mm
Measure B 312 mm
Measure C 260 mm
Mitta D 260 mm
R radius 43 mm

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