Bearing Ø30x40x120 PH


Aqualube kumilaakerit veneisiin

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High-Performance Water Lubricated Aqualube Bearing Aqualube bearings offer a high quality solution for water lubricated shaft applications. Aqualube bearings are designed with longitudinal grooves that form a hydrodynamic wedge, or water film, between the shaft and the bearing, even during slow speed operation. This water film is capable of absorbing shock, and reducing vibration and noise. Aqualube bearings are built from chemical and oil resistant nitrile rubber, to fit many applications. Bearing is inspected to ensure quality. Aqualube bearings are consistently built from the highest quality materials. Bearings offer a high resistance to abrasion and long life.
Measure A Ø 30 mm
Measure B Ø 40 mm
Measure C 120 mm

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