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Bow thruster 35 Kgf, 12 V, Ø 125 mm BOW35ShopBow thruster 35 Kgf, 12 V, Ø 125 mm BOW35
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Bow thruster 35 Kgf, 12 V, Ø 125 mm BOW35


Vetus Bow thrusters

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Vet bow thruster model BOW35

The bow thruster is an excellent aid to boat handling.
The bow thruster makes it easy to control and handle the boat and makes it easy to enter and leave the dock and manoeuvre in tight spaces or strong currents. The BOW3512F is an updated version of its bigger brother with a Ø 125 mm tunnel. This means that the powerful BOW3512F can be installed even on smaller boats. The flexible rubber clutch eliminates engine vibration and the new engine is more energy efficient. Suitable for boats from about 6.5 to 9.5 metres in length. NOTE!
Control panel, cable and mounting tube, fuse box and fuse not included. Please select additional products separately. - Suitable for 125 mm tunnel. - Flexible coupling between frame and motor eliminates noise. - New more energy efficient motor. - Easy to install. - Single propeller causes less flow disturbance in the tunnel - VETUS unique propeller tower design minimizes cavitation noise. - Strong synthetic propeller is corrosion resistant and reduces weight. - Helical gears minimise transmission noise - quieter Vetus bow thruster. - Meets EMC requirements.

Engine power 1.5 kW (2 hp), 12 V / 200 A DC motor
Engine weight 12 kg
Maximum thrust of bow thruster (N/ Kgf) 350/35 (N/kgf)
Measure A 138 mm
Mitta B 340 mm
Mitta C 79 mm
Mitta D 300/600 mm
Mitta E 149 mm
Mitta F 112 mm
Mitta G 125 mm
Fuse size 160 A
Tunnel diameter Ø (mm) 125
Boat length Suitable for boats between 6.5 and 9.5 metres in length.