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Diode divider, 150 A, 2 x 150 A inputShopDiode divider, 150 A, 2 x 150 A input

Diode divider, 150 A, 2 x 150 A input


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Jakodiodi BS1503 Charge three batteries simultaneously from the charging source. The VETUS split diode has Mosfet transistors instead of diodes, which allows for almost zero voltage drop. This means that the voltage is almost the same as the voltage coming from the charger, eliminating the need for separate compensation.

The diode acts like an automatic battery selector that distributes the charge to the batteries and at the same time acts as an electric check valve, so that the current only flows towards the batteries. The diode divider also isolates the batteries from each other so they cannot discharge from one battery to the other. When charging, the diode divider ensures that all batteries are charged. The diode also has an outlet from which they can be connected to voltage-sensing chargers.

  • 2 inputs
  • for three batteries
  • maximum charging current 150 A
  • supply voltage 8 - 30 V DC
  • prolongs battery life
  • compatible with 12 V and 24 V
  • weight 1.2 kg