ASV20 Louvered air suction vent


Vetus ASV125A

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Louvred air suction vent. Type ASV This type has a polished anodised aluminium frame with grilles of naturally anodised aluminium. In addition to combustion air, an engine also requires sufficient ventilation air to dissipate the residual heat. The required volume of ventilation air is about the same as the combustion air needed which is approximately 6.1 m3 per kW (4.5 m3 per hp) per hour based on a maximum air velocity of 3 m/sec. The design of these VETUS air suction vents is based on these principles. The model number relate to the engine horsepower for which they are suitable. So for example, a 40HP engine could use 1 x type 40, or 2 x type 20 vents.

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