PRM 60D marine gear ratio 2,50:1

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Mechanical marine gear max. 35 hp. engines

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Mechanical marine gearbox for small marine engines max. 35 hp. gear ratio 2.50:1

The lightweight, compact and robust PRM60 gearbox is designed for diesel engines for recreational craft, max. 35 hp. The propeller is right-hand drive for forward driving (RH). <br>

The gearbox has a mechanically operated cone clutch.

The propeller rotation can be set to a free position when sailing, allowing the propeller to rotate freely with the current and thus not braking.

Weight: 10 kg

Oil capacity: 0.2 ltr.

Transmission gearbox 2,5:1
Hub spinline DIN 5464 B10x23x29 FULL SPLINE LENGTH 55 mm
Outlet flange drop 68,5 mm
Outlet funnel 4" (PCD Ø 82,5mm/ steering 63,5 mm)
Switching power duration 26
Maximum gear speed 4500 rpm.

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