18M25 R&D Drive Plate Ø287,4 mm


R&D Marine Damper plate between engine and gearbox

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Damper drive plate is designed to transmit the engine power to the gearbox, whilst reducing transmitted gear noise and providing a cushioned drive when selecting gear. All R and D Damper Drive plates include a 'failsafe' design and maintain the drive if the flexible element fails. Damper Drive plate is fitted between the boat engine and the gearbox input shaft. R&D Marine has developed a wide range of competitively priced Damper Drive Plates to fit most engine/gearbox combinations. The R&D Damper Drive Plate reduce gear noise and allow the engine to run at lower speeds. Linear Stiffness elements for general applications and High-Deflection elements to stop gear noise and spline wear at slow speeds. The flexible elements are made from a Polyester Elastomer which has good heat qualities and is not affected by salt water, diesel and lubrication oils. Installation is made quick and easy as the R&D Damper Drive Plate requires no machining and is ready to bolt to the flywheel.
Hub spinline 17T 16/32 DP
Suitable for e.g. gear PRM 301, PRM 302, PRM 401, PRM 402, PRM 500, PRM 750
Flywheel mounting fixing bolts Ø (mm) 6 x 6.3 mm _ Ø 269.96 mm, 6 x Ø 9.1 mm - Ø 269.96 mm
Plate diameter Ø (mm) 287,4 mm
Traction plate thickness (mm) 32
Torque (maximum) 540 Nm

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