16x14R Propeller NVP 0,69 Ø30 ISO

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NVP series high quality Mn-Br 4 blade propeller

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The NVP series high quality Mn-Br propeller uses new-foil section on blades to increase performance. NVP model propeller is able to control cavitation extension to achieeve better performance. Also lower vibration and noise created by cavitation is achieved. The NVP series is excellent at gaining acceleration and maneuverability on vessels that require a high level of performance to get up on a plane.
Number of blades 4
Propeller diameter 16"
Pitch (in inches) 14"
Hub Ø 30 mm 1:10 ISO 4566
DAR figure 69 %
Propeller model NVP 0.69
Direction of rotation (handedness) Right-handed

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