Fuel tank connection kit, 51 mm inlet, suction/


Tank connection kit

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The FTL connection kit greatly facilitates installation. The kit includes all the necessary fittings so that only one circular 114 mm diameter hole is made in the tank without any further notching. The anodised, salt water resistant aluminium cover has a counter washer and rubber gasket. The lid is inserted into the pre-cut round hole and tightened to the tank using the bolts provided. Suitable for plastic, fibreglass and metal tanks for both diesel and petrol.

Connections included in the set

- Filling Ø 51 mm and 16 mm breather connection

- Suction tube Ø 10 mm, maximum tank depth 850 mm

- Return connection for Ø 10 mm hose

- Connection for tank sensor (suitable for sensor with five-hole SAE flange)

- 6,3 mm connection for earth wire

Suitable for both diesel and petrol

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Measure B -
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Mitta D -
Suitable for liquid Diesel

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