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Control Cable TFXTREME 15,25 mShopControl Cable TFXTREME 15,25 m

Control Cable TFXTREME 15,25 m


Control Cable SeaStar 15,25 m

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Control cable for throttle or gear (33C series) Length 15.25 m Sea Star control cable for engine gear and throttle. The cable is made of corrosion-resistant materials for marine conditions. TFXtreme control cables are a great alternative for boats that require very long cables - and of course for all boats where comfort is a priority. Thanks to its new unique design, the friction of the TFXtreme control cable are very low. The minimum bending radius of the cable is only 10.2 cm, which is clearly smaller than with traditional cables. You will notice the difference to traditional control cables as soon as you move the control handle. Moving the handle is even lighter and the movement is excact. Control cable length The length of the control cable is measured from the tip of the cable to the tip. The length of the control cable is given in either meters or feet. Meter-sized cables are usually supplied at 25 cm intervals and foot-length per foot (30.48 cm). Control cable installation Choose the shortest possible route for the control cable and avoid unnecessary bends. Large and multiple bends reduce the power of the cable, i.e. increase both resistance and clearance. Minimum bending radius of the TFXtreme control cables is 10.2 cm.